Planning tools

Explore the different ways you can save for college with Oklahoma 529. Our tools apply your financial goals, investment timelines and more to help you choose the right options for your plan.

College planning calculator

Find out how much you may want to save for your child’s higher education based on the current cost of college combined with adjustments for inflation. You can even forecast the future cost of attending a specific college or university.

What’s your risk tolerance?

Answer these simple questions to figure your risk tolerance comfort level when choosing an investment based on your savings preferences, goals, and other key factors.

Savings estimator

See how much you could save over time by contributing to your Oklahoma 529 account.

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  • The cost of college

    Get information to help you plan and save for rising tuition, fees and other college expenses.

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    Explore a range of 529 investment options to help fit your financial needs and your savings goals.

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